Definition - What does Bhoga mean?

Bhoga is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “enjoyment.”

There are additional ways of interpreting this word, though. For example, bhoga is sometimes used to describe when a yogi is more interested in the worldly pleasures or outward appearance of yoga. In this case, the yogi is sometimes called a bhogi.

Yogapedia explains Bhoga

For many yoga philosophers, there is a big difference between reaching Self-realization through yoga practices and a strictly worldly enjoyment from just the physical asana practice. However, a yogi can experience a great sense of enjoyment while exercising without losing the spiritual essence of yoga.

Ideally, a yogi will discover peace and fulfillment within themselves. Someone who focuses more on the bhoga side of the exercises may enjoy yoga, but it is unlikely that they will ultimately reach the Self-knowledge that is the goal for yoga.

In addition, Bhoga Srinivasa is a Hindu deity used for ceremonies and rituals. He is believed to grant worshippers their wishes. This is a silver deity that has been in the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala for centuries, having been consecrated in 614 C.E.

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