Definition - What does Kapha mean?

Kapha is a combination of water and earth - two of the basic elements that everything in the universe is made up of, according to the Ayurveda philosophy.

In the Ayurveda tradition, there are three doshas, which are all made up of different combinations of air, water, fire, earth and ether. In addition to the kapha dosha, vata is air and ether combined, and pitta is water and fire.

Yogapedia explains Kapha

Each person is born with a mixture of these doshas in varying quantities, with one usually being particularly prominent. Someone who has this as their dominant dosha is said to be calm, grounded and sensual. However, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one needs to keep the doshas balanced at all times.

Kapha is often compared to the winter season due to the damp and heavy nature of it. It is the energy that helps one to recover from wounds and illnesses and to create new, healthy cells.

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