Drunk Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Drunk Yoga Mean?

Drunk Yoga is a form of yoga practiced while under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Although yoga practice mixed with drinking has popped up from time to time throughout the Western world, it was a New York yoga teacher who popularized the class she calls Drunk Yoga. Eli Walker said she was filling a need when she came up with the idea of holding a brief happy hour in a Manhattan bar followed by 45 minutes of a beginner vinyasa sequence.


Yogapedia Explains Drunk Yoga

Drunk Yoga, according to Walker, offers several benefits that traditional sober practices do not:

  • Those who are inhibited or afraid of looking silly loosen up, try yoga and may even gain the courage to develop a more serious yoga practice; and
  • The alcoholic beverages relax the drunk yogis' muscles, increasing flexibility and allowing them to go deeper in the poses.

It has become more common to find yoga classes that offer cocktails before and after class, but Drunk Yoga goes a step further, incorporating sips of wine into the vinyasa flow. For example, yogis place their wine glasses at their feet and reach for them in seated forward fold. They may also be asked to hold a pose and take a sip, something that requires focus.

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