Definition - What does Broga mean?

Broga is the trademarked name for a type of yoga class specifically marketed to men, especially those who hesitate to join a class dominated by women. It combines familiar fitness exercises with yoga poses to meet the specific needs of men. Massachusetts-based yoga instructor, Robert Sidoti, created and co-founded Broga in 2009 with businessman Adam O'Neill.

Broga is offered throughout the United States in classes, workshops and retreats, including corporate seminars and father-and-son health adventures.

Yogapedia explains Broga

Although mental and spiritual balance is an aspect of Broga, the emphasis is on core-strengthening exercises and poses, muscle-toning and cardiovascular work. High intensity interval training is even woven into Broga yoga classes.

Because men tend to have less flexibility than women, Broga offers modifications of yoga poses so men don't feel like they have to reach certain standards of flexibility, like touching their toes. Increased flexibility and stress reduction are gradual benefits rather than specific goals.

Broga classes steer away from traditional "yoga speak" and terminology, and even forgo the calming chants and soft music for more mainstream rock music.

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