Aqua Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Aqua Yoga Mean?

Aqua yoga is a type of yoga in which the asanas are performed in water. This can be a warm water pool or more natural, open water such as the sea. It is a gentle and low impact activity and, as such, may be more accessible to those who struggle with physical exercise.

Aqua yoga adapts the postures and principles of yoga, including breathing and mindfulness, to an aquatic environment. It is said to be a particularly relaxing, soothing and restorative form of yoga due to the effect on the body of being in water.


Yogapedia Explains Aqua Yoga

Physically, Aqua yoga is said to be helpful in a number of ways as it:

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system;
  • Strengthens the whole body; and
  • Improves range of motion and flexibility.

Because the buoyancy of the water in Aqua yoga allows the stress of weight to be taken off of the joints, this can make some asanas, such as balancing or standing postures, feel much easier. It may also help the yogi to find their optimum stretch.

Aqua yoga is also considered beneficial on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Bathing in water has long been considered a healing practice, and some say that it helps with pain relief, cultivates greater connection with the physical body and helps the yogi learn to “go with the flow.”

The immersion in water is believed to help the yogi cultivate deeper, smoother and more mindful breathing, which may in turn allow them to become more absorbed in their experience.

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Water Yoga

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