Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Madya Mean?

Madya is a Sanskrit word meaning “liquor” or “alcoholic drink,” and “intoxicating.” It is one of the five substances used within a Tantric yoga practice. In Tantric yoga, madya can be an offering of wine or liquor in a ritual practice, but it is also believed by some to be a hormone that is released as part of reaching exhilaration in Tantric yoga.


Yogapedia Explains Madya

As one of the five substances used within Tantric rituals to release and raise shakti energy so that spiritual liberation may be achieved, madya is often interpreted as referring to alcohol consumption as part of a Tantric sadhana.

However, it is also thought to be a scientifically unknown psychic hormone that is released when kundalini rises within the body and Shiva and Shakti meet. This hormone is called madya because it produces intoxicating results in the body, including warmth and a sweet taste in the mouth. Tantric yogis believe that this experience of madya can happen during deep periods of meditation.

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