Supta Virasana

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Supta Virasana Mean?

Supta virasana is an intermediate variation of virasana. Supta virasana is derived from Sanskrit with supta meaning "reclining" and vira meaning "hero."

From virasana, the yogi grasps the feet and reclines until the entire back and head rest on the floor. The asana may be deepened by holding the elbow of the opposite hands above the head while still on the floor.

Supta virasana is called reclining hero pose in English. In Ashtanga yoga, it is called paryankasana B or couch pose B.


Yogapedia Explains Supta Virasana

It is recommended to master virasana before continuing on to supta virasana. Beginners may use a bolster to support the back and/or separate the knees slightly to help ease into the pose.

The mental health benefits of this asana include:

  • Stills and energizes the mind
  • Opens the heart center
  • Restores balance between mind and spirit
  • Improves focus

Supta virasana stimulates the manipura (solar plexus) chakra, which improves confidence, strengthens willpower, integrity, self-esteem and sense of responsibility. It also promotes decision-making skills, makes the yogi self-motivated and promotes a sense of acceptance.

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Paryankasana B

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