Nirvikalpa Samadhi

Definition - What does Nirvikalpa Samadhi mean?

Nirvikalpa samadhi as been described by some as the flowering of a human being. It is a state of union with Brahman. In this state, the yogi comes face-to-face with their own Atman. It is the culmination of all spiritual practices and the realization of the ultimate spiritual goal.

Nirvikalpa is said to bring about feelings of infinite bliss and peace, where thoughts cease to exist. Those who have written about this state have found it difficult to describe because it is a state beyond the thinking mind.

The state of nirvikalpa samadhi can last for a few hours or a few days for most spiritual masters. It is said if they stay in nirvikalpa samadhi for 18 or 21 days, their consciousness may permanently leave their physical body.

Yogapedia explains Nirvikalpa Samadhi

Nirvikalpa samadhi is recognized as one of the highest states of samadhi. The state of consciousness before this is savikalpa samadhi where the experience of time and space alters. The yogi recognizes that everything is complete and there is nothing more to do. Thoughts still exist, but they do not affect the yogi in this state. After experiencing savikalpa samadhi, however, normal human consciousness returns.

The difference between this stage is that in nirvikalpa samadhi all thoughts dissolve. This is considered a state of being at one with the Divine. It is a state of true ecstasy, oneness and limitless bliss. After experiencing nirvikalpa samadhi, a yogi does not wish to return to the world. They may forget their own name, how to speak or how to think properly. With practice, though, they may find it easier to experience this state and then function in a normal way afterward.

Beyond nirvikalpa samadhi is sahaja samadhi. This state is only achieved by very few spiritual masters and is said to allow them to achieve the highest level of spiritual consciousness while still functioning in the physical world.

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