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What Does Brihaspati Mean?

Brihaspati is a Hindu deity considered to be the god of wisdom and the chief of all priests. He is also held to be the “teacher of the gods” and the god of planet Jupiter.

In yoga, one of the goals is to attain wisdom and perfection of the self. For this reason, many individuals may choose to meditate on Brihaspati within their spiritual practice or model their practice after the teachings of Brihaspati.


Yogapedia Explains Brihaspati

Brihaspati was thought to be the “guru of the gods” who possessed and bestowed wisdom through his teachings and his priesthood. In Hindu theology and legend, Brihaspati was married to Tara. Although they were unfaithful to one another, they remained bound in marriage. Tara fell in love with the god of the moon, Chandra, and caused a war between her two lovers. Tara conceived a child that was cursed by Brihaspati to be neither male nor female. This child was encouraged by Tara to live a life of simply being, rather than attempting to fit into a specific gender role.

Practitioners of Bhakti yoga may choose to devote their practice to Brihaspati in the hopes of gaining wisdom and understanding. This can be done through many traditional spiritual methods, such as mantra chanting (japa), meditation and displays of devotion (puja).

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