Last Updated: July 27, 2017

Definition - What does Chandra mean?

Chandra is a Sanskrit word meaning "illustrious" and "moon." It is also the name of the Hindu lunar god. He is associated with softness, sensitivity, emotion and fertility. Chandra is also connected with the morning dew and emotion.

Yogapedia explains Chandra

Yogis can perform the Chandra Namaskara (Moon Salutation) in the evening as a soothing vinyasa designed to harness Chandra's lunar energy and calming, soft qualities. This flowing sequence calms the mind and restores the body.

Chandra is usually depicted as fair and young. He is seen traveling across the sky every night in a chariot pulled by an antelope or white horses. In Hindu mythology, when Chandra was born he nearly blinded the gods with his radiance. He was given the status of a planet and set in the sky.

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