Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Puja Mean?

Puja is the act or ritual of worshiping or communicating with a god. Meaning “worship” in Sanskrit, puja centers on ideas of adoration, honor, worship and devotion. It is practiced through a ceremony, prayer, song or other ritual directed toward a particular god, oftentimes with an object or figure that assists in gaining access to the Divine.

Within the practice of yoga, individuals may seek to connect with the Divine through meditation and poses in order to communicate love and devotion to a specific god or guru.


Yogapedia Explains Puja

Puja can be a ceremony or ritual of worship practiced individually or in a group as a way of worshiping or communicating with a god or the Divine. It is also a method for receiving divine love and connection.

This act is most often used or recognized in the practice of Bhakti or Tantra yoga. It also helps a practitioner achieve clarity and purity of mind.

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