Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Prasad Mean?

Prasad is a gift given graciously and shared between the Divine and the individual(s) making the offering. At its essence, it symbolizes receiving and giving between the Divine and human — illustrating grace, divine love and connection.

In yoga, this term can mean either grace given divinely or mental clarity, and illustrates a generous exchange between the individual and the Divine that can result in transformation of self.


Yogapedia Explains Prasad

Prasad is usually an edible gift used in Hindu worship and presented to a deity. The deity blesses the gift and then shares it with those making the offering, demonstrating grace and generosity between the Divine and humanity. Although this practice is often carried out with edible offerings, other material items can be used as well.

Within yoga, individuals aim for self-transformation and connection with the Divine. Prasad is a method of such a connection through an experiential exchange that teaches the individual grace and receiving with humility.

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