Ring Finger Energy

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Ring Finger Energy Mean?

In Chakra or Energy Healing, the ring finger is associated with the deep liver meridian and the earth element. It is symbolic of creativity and inspiration, and strong ring finger energy provides stamina and the ability to be assertive. The ring finger is also connected to the Muladhara Chakra (root), the energy centre which corresponds to the pelvic floor, and to feelings of safety and security.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 'triple warmer' meridian starts at the tip of the ring finger, responsible for maintaining equilibrium in stressful situations. This, in turn, has an impact on the health of the immune system. As such, it is extremely important to keep ring finger energy in balance through meditation and energy healing.


Yogapedia Explains Ring Finger Energy

Ring Finger Energy Meditation can help to restore balance in the earth element and liver meridian, as well as removing any blockages in the Muladhara Chakra. Follow these steps to practice Ring Finger Energy Meditation:

  1. Begin in a stable sitting posture or lying down.
  2. Encircle the left ring finger with the four fingers of your right hand.
  3. Extend the right thumb towards the middle of the left hand.
  4. Close your eyes and visualize rock and earth in all its forms; deserts, mountains, islands, fertile soil.
  5. Imagine a seed, deep within the earth. With each breath, watch the seed begin to sprout and grow until it breaks the earth's surface.
  6. Continue focussing on your breath, whilst visualizing the seed as it grows into a tree, blossoming and bearing fruit.
  7. Like the tree, give yourself completely to life. As time passes and the tree changes, your inner development also grows.

Try to focus on a sensation of warmth, and continue this meditation for as long as it feels calm. Ring Finger Energy Meditation may also be repeated on the other side, with the right ring finger encircled by the left fingers.

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