Eem Hreem Shreem

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Eem Hreem Shreem Mean?

Eem hreem shreem is a mantra that can be used during a mediation practice, either chanted chanted aloud or repeated in the mind's eye. It is Sanskrit and has a number of translations, including “I am the richness that I desire” and “My reality is pure abundance.”

Essentially, eem hreem shreem is a mantra of self confidence and self belief. It helps to instil in the yogi's awareness a deep sense of their own power through their embodiment of the Divine. It can therefore help reduce self doubt and anxiety.


Yogapedia Explains Eem Hreem Shreem

The eem hreem shreem mantra is often used as a tool to firstly calm the mind and body. Once the mind is eased through the sounds of the eem hreem shreem mantra, the significance of the individual terms may be able to resonate with the yogi’s consciousness.

The words of eem hreem shreem each have the following deep meanings:

  • Eem – engages the guidance of the Divine
  • Hreem – brings awareness to the highest truth
  • Shreem – this is the bija or seed mantra of the Hindu goddess of abundance and prosperity, Lakshmi. It is also associated with ajna, the third-eye chakra and the centre of wisdom and intuition. Therefore one interpretation is that shreem brings the yogi insight into their own natural abundance.

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