Strala Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Strala Yoga Mean?

Strala yoga is a free-flowing non-religious style of yoga that steers away from many yoga traditions, such as the use of Sanskrit names for poses. Strala is a Swedish word that means “to radiate” or “to shine brightly.” New York City-based model and yoga instructor, Tara Stiles, and her husband, Michael Taylor, opened the Strala studio in 2008 and launched Strala as a style of yoga two years later.

Stiles drew on her background as a dancer as well as the movement patterns of tai chi and qigong to create a practice that helps clear the body and mind, relieve stress, enhance the physical body and heal.


Yogapedia Explains Strala Yoga

Although a style of yoga, Strala in many ways parts with traditional yoga. Those who lead Strala yoga classes are called “guides,” rather than teachers or instructors. Unlike more traditional yoga styles, Strala also does not chant Om, recite mantras or focus on the chakras.

Poses are rarely held for more than a few seconds. Instead, the movements are slow and flowing with no engaging of the muscles and no emphasis on alignment. Strala yoga classes are now offered around the world, and Strala yoga has attracted followers that include professional athletes and celebrities, including Deepak Chopra.

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