Dance Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Dance Yoga Mean?

Dance yoga is a style of yoga that combines fluid movement with music into a yoga practice. Yogis will perform asanas in rhythm with music that can be as simple as the beat of a drum or a chant, or, they can be as complex as full band music or a recording, like those produced by yoga DJs for festivals and classes.

Dance and fluid movement is a fun, non-intimidating way to experience the benefits of yoga while also allowing the yogi to have creative expression through movement.


Yogapedia Explains Dance Yoga

The fusion of fluid movement, music and rhythm has become increasingly popular as a way for yogis to express creativity in their yoga practice. Practicing dance yoga cultivates a very mindful presence, as yogis can move to the rhythm of the music in the class, which can change frequently. Another style of yoga that uses dance and music in yoga practice is Hip Hop yoga.

Dance yoga is a versatile form of yoga that can be practiced by yogis of all ages and offers endless styles of movement and music to suit all ages and abilities. The fusion of music with movement is centuries old, but the concept has become increasingly popular in yoga, with a high point that began around 2007 following the increase of yoga festivals in the United States. Many yoga studios offer dance yoga sessions with live music.

Among yoga styles that use dance as a part of yoga practice are Buti yoga and Hip Hip yoga.

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