Definition - What does Goga mean?

Goga is the shortened name of “Goat yoga,” a type of yoga that is said to combine the benefits of animal therapy and yoga by practicing yoga with goats. The goats can provide a way to bring yogi into the present, and reduce any mental distractions.

Goga may take place in a studio, with goats brought in by special trainers, or it may be held on location in a farm setting. Sometimes the funds raised by these classes go toward animal welfare causes.

Yogapedia explains Goga

During Goga, the goats may go under the yogi’s legs during standing poses, such as the warrior poses. They may also climb on their backs during plank pose or downward-facing dog pose, adding some additional load and challenge to the posture.

Those who advocate for Goga say that it is a fantastic way to reduce stress, anxiety and tension. Light-hearted in approach, Goga can encourage yogis not to take their yoga practice too seriously, and find a lightness and ease. In this way, Goga may also promote joy and compassion.

Finally, Goga may be thought of as more inclusive than other forms of yoga, appealing to a diverse range of people, from toddlers to the elderly.

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