Snow Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Snow Yoga Mean?

Snow yoga is a form of yoga practiced outdoors in the snow. Snow yoga classes are particularly popular at winter sports resorts. The exact origins of snow yoga are not known, but the name has been registered as a trademark by Anne Anderson, a Kripalu yoga teacher who first choreographed a hybrid snow yoga class in 2012 at Mohawk Mountain in Connecticut.

The purpose of snow yoga is to prepare the yogi physically for participating in snow sports – in particular, stretching and warming up muscles – and to calm the mind, focus and prevent fear, especially for a sport such as downhill skiing.

Snow yoga is also know as Snowga.


Yogapedia Explains Snow Yoga

When practicing snow yoga, yogis dress in typical winter attire, but in clothing that allows movement. Like more traditional yoga, snow yoga offers a range of physical and mental benefits: increased focus, concentration, balance, flexibility and muscle tone.

Snow yoga generally involves balancing or standing postures, such as the warrior series of poses, triangle pose and tree pose. While classes may be held at a set location at a ski resort, park or yoga studio property, they are also incorporated into activities such as snowshoeing, hiking or cross-country skiing, with stops along the way to practice yoga poses.

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