Ajna Chakra Mantra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Ajna Chakra Mantra Mean?

Ajna chakra mantra refers to any mantra associated with the ajna, or the third eye, chakra. Generally, it refers to om, the bija, or seed, mantra associated with ajna chakra.

Chanting om while focusing attention on the third eye space is thought to help develop qualities associated with this chakra, such as deep inner wisdom and intuition. This can be done as a practice in itself. It may also be chanted while practicing an asana such as balasana, or child’s pose, which is associated with this chakra.


Yogapedia Explains Ajna Chakra Mantra

The ajna chakra mantra of om helps to cleanse perception, opening the yogi up to deeper connection with and guidance from their teachers. It is also associated with humility and the ability to disconnect from pride.

An alternative to chanting om is to use a mantra where the words relate to ajna chakra, for instance, “I am open to new ideas.” This may help to break old patterns and tune into a deeper intuition and perception.

Because the third eye chakra is associated with inner wisdom, chanting an ajna chakra mantra can allow for greater connection and guidance towards a more purposeful, fulfilling life.

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