Chakra Mantra

Definition - What does Chakra Mantra mean?

Chakra mantra is a term used to describe any mantra that is used in combination with a focus on a particular chakra in order to balance that chakra. It often refers to the use of the seed mantras associated with each chakra, but it can also mean other mantras in Sanskrit or English connected with the chakras.

To meditate using the chakra mantras, a yogi may choose to work their way through all of the chakras or to simply direct their attention to one chosen chakra.

Yogapedia explains Chakra Mantra

The seed, or bija, mantras associated with each chakra are as follows:

  • Root chakra — lam
  • Sacral chakra — vam
  • Solar plexus chakra — ram
  • Heart chakra — yam
  • Throat chakra — ham
  • Third eye chakra — om
  • Crown chakra — om or ha

These mantras can be spoken or sung out loud, murmured or simply recited silently. They may be used on the rhythm of the breath, with or without an additional visualization of images or symbols associated with each chakra.

Alternatively, mantras can be chosen that connect with the association of each chakra. For instance, for the root chakra, the mantra might be “I am strong and stable,” and the sacral chakra could be “Creativity flows through me.”

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