Metta Prayer Of Loving Kindness

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Metta Prayer Of Loving Kindness Mean?

The metta prayer of loving kindness is a prayer or mantra used as part of a loving-kindness meditation, or metta bhavana. This kind of meditation and use of a mantra is popular in the Buddhist tradition. The word, metta, comes from Pali and can be translated as “good will” or “loving kindness.”

There are many variations of the metta prayer of loving kindness, but one of them is, “May all beings everywhere be happy. May they be healthy. May they be at peace. May they be free.”


Yogapedia Explains Metta Prayer Of Loving Kindness

Metta refers to an unconditional, inclusive and wise love that exists without expectations of anything in return. This is the love that is cultivated through practices such as metta bhavana and using the metta prayer of loving kindness.

The metta prayer for loving kindness will often begin using the self as the subject, then go on to be extended to other specific people, and finally, out to the whole world.

With practice, both a metta bhavana practice and the use of the prayer will turn into a holistic experience of love and kindness.

It is said that after Siddhartha became the Buddha, he encouraged all of his disciples to use the metta prayer for loving kindness.

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Metta Prayer of Loving-Kindness

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