Shakyamuni Mantra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Shakyamuni Mantra Mean?

The Shakyamuni mantra is the mantra of the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. Shakyamuni means “sage of the Shakyan clan,” and the man who became the Buddha was born into that clan in the late Vedic period. The mantra represents the Buddha's sacred heart essence; so, by reciting it, the yogi is thought to absorb this essence.

The Shakyamuni mantra is considered one of the greatest of the Buddhist mantras, and it is one of the most popular among Tibetan Buddhists. It's not unusual for a Buddhist to recite this mantra daily.


Yogapedia Explains Shakyamuni Mantra

In Sanskrit, the Shakyamuni mantra – also called the Heart Mantra of the Great Sage – is chanted as:

Om muni muni mahamuni Shakyamuni svaha

Om represents the cosmic vibration of the universe, while muni translates as “sage” and maha means “great.” The mantra, therefore, is typically translated as “Om wise one, wise one, greatly wise one, wise one of the Shakyans, hail!”

It is also believed that the Shakyamuni mantra clears all negative karma accumulated throughout the kalpas, or eons.

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The Heart Mantra of the Great Sage

Heart Mantra of the Great Sage

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