Sri Chinmoy

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Sri Chinmoy Mean?

Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) was the more commonly used name of Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, an Indian guru, spiritual leader, author, artist and musician. He was perhaps best known for teaching meditation in the West. He established a successful meditation center in Queens, New York, and went on to teach 7,000 students across 60 countries.

Sri Chinmoy conveyed his spiritual teachings through lectures and talks at many universities, and also held regular meditation sessions at the United Nations. He also organized public concerts and events centered on meditation. Some of his lectures were later published as a series of books.


Yogapedia Explains Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy was born in East Bengal in British India, which is now Bangladesh. He had an early interest in spirituality, beginning a meditation practice at 11 years old, and joining his older siblings at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry at the age of 12. His brother, Chitta, gave him his name, which can be translated as “full of divine consciousness.”

After 20 years of spiritual practice, study, athletics and work at the ashram, Sri Chinmoy reported that he felt an inner calling to share his spiritual insights with those in the West. This led to his move to New York in 1964.

Sri Chinmoy encouraged his students to use prayer and meditation to follow a spiritual path. As an active runner and later weightlifter himself, he also encouraged athleticism. He organized races and marathons, and in 1987 founded the World Harmony Run, a global relay race for peace.

Sri Chinmoy’s teachings have been described by some as Bhakti yoga, as his was a path of love, devotion and surrender to God in order to find inner peace.

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Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

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