Primordial Sound Mantra

Last Updated: June 12, 2018

Definition - What does Primordial Sound Mantra mean?

Primordial sound mantra is the name given to the mantra an individual will use for primordial sound meditation, a meditation technique rooted in Vedic traditions. The primordial sound mantra used is specific and personalized to the individual. It is repeated silently throughout the meditation in order to bring greater peace and calm to the mind.

The mantra an individual uses for primordial sound meditation is said to emulate the sound or vibration that the universe was making when the individual was born. It is calculated using Vedic formulas and information about the time and place of the individual’s birth.

Yogapedia explains Primordial Sound Mantra

The primordial sound mantra is traditionally considered to be a vehicle for the mind, one which transports it to a deeper level of awareness and allows the individual to enter the space between their thoughts. Without the distractions of thought, the individual can become aware of their own deepest nature.

The formula for the primordial sound mantra is “aum (ohm) – bija mantra – namah.” The bija, or "seed," mantra is the part of the mantra that varies for each individual and needs to be worked out using the latitude, longitude and exact time of their birth. Once known, these values correlate to precise descriptors within the ancient Vedic system of astrology, which can in turn be combined to find the mantra.

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