What the Ego Wants You to Believe about Meditation

By Parita Shah
Published: October 23, 2019
Key Takeaways

The seven projections of the ego can hinder us from ever beginning to meditate or detract us from the practice once we’ve started.

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The resistance to meditation comes up for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.


We know the reasons why we should meditate. We feel glimpses of bliss on our meditation pillow.

We’re also aware of how meditation helps us experience life with a more open and joyous perspective.


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So then why do we avoid it? Why do we make excuses to run away from the very thing that heals our bodies, and leads to growth?

Here are the six blocks our ego projects when we attempt to meditate. See if you can become of the fear based stories that the ego creates when you commit to your spiritual practice. Awareness is the first step to healing self-sabotaging patterns.


1. I will lose my edge if I meditate.

Have you ever felt that you may become too “soft” if you have a spiritual practice? Some believe that they may lose their creativity, passion, or drive, if they practice meditation.

In my own experience, I can say that’s simply untrue.

Meditation helps us cool the excess energy that may lead to anxiety or burn out and it helps us harness our life force in a way that serves all.

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We become even more connected to our intuition, hobbies, and inspiration. We also find the courage to act on these intuitive hits.

Notice if your ego feel like you must avoid meditation in order to keep going. Contemplate when you might have learned this defense mechanism.

How did it serve you at one point in time to work without breaks? Consider how that may not serve you anymore.

2. I don’t have time.

Twenty minutes can be a luxury for many of us and the ego wants us to believe we will be more productive if we skip meditation and continue “doing”.

It believes that the fear of falling behind, will lead to action which will lead to success.

However, the practice of connecting with all aspects of the Self, leads us to the deeper awareness of how we function and helps us to better manage our time and energy.

With that awareness, we learn to work according to the needs of our body and mind.

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For example, I am more cognizant of what I need to do in order to be healthier, happier and in alignment. The end result is that I am effective when I do work, and I can spend fewer hours working.

Catch yourself when you think that your meditation practice will slow down your day.

Notice the difference in productivity, and time management on the days when you do meditate versus the days you don’t.

For me, my brain and body function better when I do meditate, resulting in increased productivity.

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3. I don’t want to sit with the mess.

Meditation leads us to become aware of the conscious as well as unconscious.

Old stories, feelings, memories and programming can come up and remind us of what we were previously avoiding.

Without stillness and with distractions, such as work, shopping and social media, we may have run from our reality for years.

The ego resists meditation and will create excuses, to avoid sitting with the uncomfortable feelings.

See if you can sit in meditation even when the ego flares with resistance. Just like a fitness regimen, the results of meditation are seen over time.

The key is in showing up consistently even when it may not feel easy.

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4. I’m such a wreck right now. Meditation can’t help.

We can quickly judge our moments as good and bad, and even assume that our meditation is going to “good” or “bad” because of how we’re feeling.

See if you can approach each moment with a fresh slate.

An open mind can welcome in new possibilities that can change the course of our lives.

When you feel like meditation can’t possibly help you, experiment with it.

Although meditation won’t immediately and magically call in the relationship, money or health, that you desire, it can help you harness the peace and positivity that you need in order to attract them.

Releasing the grip of the ego here can open you up to Divine support even when you think it’s impossible.

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5. I can’t be good at meditation.

Since the only goal in meditation is to practice being in observance with yourself, you can never fail.

There is never a good meditation or a bad meditation.

There are simply meditations that you showed up for or didn’t show up for. Even racing thoughts, feelings of anxiety, and depression, are ok.

Practice seeing your thoughts, feelings, and overall meditation experience with neutrality.

Release the need to label, and practice simply witnessing the moment.


6. Meditation is boring.

If you own a phone, are on social media, or communicate via email, your nervous system is most probably conditioned to be stimulated. Your body and mind anticipate notifications to respond to.

You might hear the ego saying “Why would I want to do nothing for 20 minutes? I would rather exercise, get outside, or catch up on a TV show.”

We think this way because we’re programmed to feel excitement, and connection with external sources at all times.

In meditation, see if you can become aware of the ego’s cravings for stimulation.

Why is it seeking stimulation? What happens if you don’t provide the ego with excitement at all times?

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The seven projections of the ego can hinder us from ever beginning to meditate or detract us from the practice once we’ve started.

The key is in catching ourselves when the ego flares with resistance.

From there, we can contemplate its truth, release illusions, and then choose what serves our highest alignment.

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Written by Parita Shah | Reiki Healer

Parita Shah

Parita Shah incorporates Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Chakra Balancing to help clients balance their mind, body and soul. Her energy healing sessions help clients clear unresolved thoughts and emotions, connect to their true essence and create inner peace. She sees clients in New York City, Long Island and distantly. She also offers free monthly online meditation classes on her site

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