Top Glamping Destinations for Your Next Yoga Retreat

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Published: August 17, 2018 | Last updated: November 14, 2019
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Whether your sanity depends on that 60-minute yoga class two to three times a week or you simply need a space to reflect and renew, check out these yoga-focused accommodations for the self-care trip of a lifetime.

Ahhh…vacation. In the blink of an eye, it’s over, and, just like that, we are right back where we left off. So often we return from a vacation feeling like we need a vacation just to recover from that vacation. With our daily life consumed by work, school, family, bills, responsibilities, when will we ever find the time for ourselves and without feeling selfish for doing so?


For your next trip, why not pivot your focus to connect your mind with your body and return more grounded than ever? A yoga retreat may be just what you’re missing! These are our favorite glamping destinations that offer yoga, among many other activities that everyone can enjoy. Whether your sanity depends on that 60-minute yoga class two to three times a week or you simply need a space to reflect and renew, check out these yoga-focused accommodations for the self-care trip of a lifetime.


These incredible yurts on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey invite travelers to become part of a close-knit yogi community. Gourmet Turkish food is served fresh at a communal table, and group yoga classes are taught daily. Post-yoga, glampers are encouraged to lounge by the natural stone pool before retreating to their traditional yurt for a relaxing night’s sleep.

This retro caravan in New Zealand is an adventure yogi’s paradise. Located on the North Island, you will find an on-site yoga studio that offers both workshops and classes for all levels. After yoga, rejuvenate yourself with a massage session or a naturopath consultation, both conveniently located on-site, as well. Guests will also find fresh vegetables that are available to pick freely from the “help yourself” garden. If you fancy some time alone, grab a spot in the sun on the meditation platform and sit peacefully while focusing your attention inward.


Typically known for bullfighting and flamenco dancing, southern Spain may not be on your radar for some of the best beachside yoga retreats in Europe—yet. Behold this bell tent in Cadiz, which boasts a saltwater pool, massage therapy, and a 100% organic and vegetarian menu that uses almost entirely homegrown produce, in addition to traditional yoga classes, of course. Traveling further down the Costa del Sol, glampers will find a riverfront lodge just outside the city of Málaga. With classes lead by a Sai Matra-certified instructor, you will have plenty of opportunities to connect your body, mind, and spirit through Vinyasa yoga classes. Taking a siesta is fully encouraged at both accommodations.

Embrace the pura vida lifestyle in the most authentic way possible at one of these gorgeous bell tents in Costa Rica. Glampers will have daily access to yoga sessions and surf lessons in the Tamarindo Bay. While relaxing on the stunning coasts away from the hustle and bustle of city life, surrender to the sound of ocean waves that carry you deep into a restorative state of meditation and tranquility.

At the base of Portugal’s Serra de Estrela mountain range, travelers can find their inner peace. Check out these luxury tents that may be the perfect hybrid of glamour and camping or this restored wine cellar-turned-cottage, and enjoy a family-owned retreat offering yoga. There are a variety of different yoga classes available for all levels of experience. Other holistic options include a full-body well-being check-up with a licensed professional; enjoy a rejuvenating mud bath, massage, or acupuncture session; and three vegetarian meals a day. If adventure is what you seek, why not inquire about a day trip to the impressive Zêzere River? Enjoy local life in near by small towns, such as Álvaro, Oleiros, and Cambas, which are just a 30-minute drive outside of the retreat center.

The Hawaiian Islands are a well-known tropical paradise, but did you know that the Big Island is home to two of the best natural yoga retreats? Take a look at this cottage surrounded by exotic trees and five acres of fruits and nuts for the picking. There is yoga available daily, but there is also the option to hire a yoga instructor that specializes in enzyme, neuromuscular, and holistic health therapies. There is also the possibility of this eco-friendly rainforest cabin, where you can escape to the 24-hour Balinese Meditation Pavilion and improve your practice alongside stunning ocean views.

For glampers within the United States, or those who fancy a visit, one can find peace and relaxation at this yurt-style cabin in San Juan, California. Submerge yourself in the natural wonders of the land and get lost in the surrounding gardens, orchards, forests, and waterfalls of this area. This glampsite can accommodate a variety of dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free), and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner on-site. There are group yoga classes daily, and tons of private spots to meditated as often as needed.

While the rooms at this retreat in Marshall, North Carolina are humble and modest, the experience is boasting with intensive health and wellness. On top of yoga workshops, guests are also welcome to join meditation classes, pamper themselves with a massage and devour a culinary experience like no other. The gourmet, Sattvic “yogic” diet certified, chef prepares all meals onsite for convenience. All meals are fully vegetarian with an emphasis on seasonal and pure foods.

For glamping the whole family will enjoy, choose to stay in these safari tents located in Ithaca, New York. The surrounding landscape is picturesque and diverse– vineyards, waterfalls, and swimming holes close by, just begging to be explored. Upon returning from your outdoor adventure, improve your yoga skills in a private one-on-one yoga class at the on-site studio, or opt for a group Asana yoga flows outside (appropriate for all levels). After yoga, relax with a drink during the complimentary wine hour, which takes place daily.

When considering a vacation, what if we focused on the experience vs. the destination? You may not be able to recall each and every detail, but you will remember how you felt while you were there. For your next trip, consider taking an internal journey too. With daily opportunities for meditation and relaxation, yogis of all levels can enjoy these unique, nature-based locations. “Wherever you go, there you are” and with options like these, no matter where you are you can find a place to disconnect and re-center yourself.

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