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What Does Pingala Mean?

Pingala is one of the three most important nadis of the astral body. Anatomically, it runs from the right nostril to the root chakra, along the central axis of the body, just right of the spinal cord and sushumna nadi.

Pingala has rational, analytical, objective and sometimes aggressive tendencies. In Indian medicine and philosophy, pingala is thought to be the masculine, firey or solar energy channel.


Yogapedia Explains Pingala

The belief that one truth dismisses all other beliefs, in the context of yoga, is called a solar attitude, which means that prana flows predominantly through the right central (pingala) channel. In comparison, a lunar attitude, when prana flows predominantly through the left central (ida) channel, means that one surrenders to the belief that all truths are equal.

“Hatha Yoga Pradipika,” states that “when the nadis are full of impurities, the breath does not enter the middle nadi (sushumna).” Therefore, it is important that the yogi purifies the pingala and ida nadi daily. The yogi can do this by observing the yamas and niyamas and by practicing alternate nostril breathing (anuloma viloma).

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