Hamsa Yoga

Definition - What does Hamsa Yoga mean?

Hamsa yoga is a meditation that focuses on the breath, the divine "life force," that the hamsa, or swan, symbolizes. The syllables of the word, hamsa, are invoked as a mantra during this type of yoga meditation as they mirror the sounds made on the inhalation and exhalation, respectively.

Yogapedia explains Hamsa Yoga

In the Hindu tradition, the swan is known for its disciplined grace and its symbolism of the Divine. In the practice of Hamsa yoga, divine grace is invoked by a mantra achieved through disciplined surrender to the breath.

The mantra for the Hamsa yoga meditation begins with the syllables of the term itself. When broken down, hamsa represents the Sanskrit words ham, meaning "I am He," and sa, meaning "universal energy" or "birth." Additionally, the ham and the sa are thought to be the sounds the mind hears during the inhalation and the exhalation of breath. Therefore, meditation on the breath unites it with the primal soul, infusing it with the divine energy necessary for spiritual rebirth and Self-realization.

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