Ganpati Mantra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Ganpati Mantra Mean?

A Ganpati mantra is a devotional chant believed to ensure success, especially when starting or seeking a new job or endeavor. The mantra petitions the popular Hindu god, Ganpati, also known as Ganesha, the elephant god and the remover of obstacles.

The name, Ganpati, comes from the Sanskrit, gana, which means a “band” or “multitude”; and pati, which means “ruler” or “lord.” The term, mantra, is derived from two root words: man, meaning “thought” or “mind,” and tra, meaning “instrument”; therefore, a mantra is an instrument of the mind.


Yogapedia Explains Ganpati Mantra

There are many Ganpati mantras, the simplest of which is the deity’s bija (seed) mantra, gam or gum. It is believed that reciting gam/gum alone or as part of a longer mantra will remove obstacles to success.

Other Ganpati mantras include:

  • Om gum Ganpataye namah is perhaps the most common of the Ganpati mantras. It is believed to remove negative influences and is typically recited before starting new work in order to ensure positive results.
  • Om sri maha Ganpataye namah is a similar mantra that offers salutations to Ganpati and seeks his assistance in removing obstacles to success.
  • Om ganadhyakshaya namah is recited to ensure the well-being of a group of people, such as a village or city. It is also repeated by a yogi seeking leadership qualities.
  • Ganpati bappa Morya invokes the power of both Ganpati and one of his devotees, the 14th century saint, Morya Gosavi.

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