Ganesha Mantra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Ganesha Mantra Mean?

Ganesha mantra is a devotional hymn or chant dedicated to the popular Hindu deity Ganesha who is known as the elephant god. Ganesha, who is also known by the name Ganpati, is the remover of obstacles. Hindus believe he can ensure success, so his name is often invoked when starting a new job or a new endeavor. There are several Ganesha mantras that seek the aid of the deity, adding to his popularity among yogis and the Hindu faithful.

The name Ganesha comes from the Sanskrit gana, meaning a “band” or “multitude,” and isha, which means “master” or “lord.” Mantra means “instrument of the mind” and derives from two Sanskrit words: man, meaning “thought” or “mind,” and tra, meaning instrument.


Yogapedia Explains Ganesha Mantra

As a yoga practice, a mantra calms the mind in meditation and focuses the yogi’s concentration on one thought or purpose. Gam is the seed sound or bija mantra of Ganesha. Reciting it alone or as part of a longer mantra is believed to invoke the protection of Ganesha. Some other Ganesha mantras include:

  • Om Sri Maha Ganapataye Namah, which means “salutations to Ganesha” and calls on his power to remove obstacles to success.
  • Aum Ganadhyakshaya Namah, which is chanted for removing obstacles to healing.
  • Om Ganesh Rinnam Chhindhi Varenyam Hoong Namaah Phutt, which is recited for success and wealth, particularly when starting a new business venture.

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