Seiza Bench

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Seiza Bench Mean?

A seiza bench (also known as a mediation bench) is an assisting prop for a meditation practice. It is a small seat or stool that allows an individual to comfortably sit in the seiza posture while spending time in meditation or sadhana. Using the assistance of this additional seat can allow yogis––especially those with joint injuries or sensitivities––to meditate without interruption of discomfort from the body.


Yogapedia Explains Seiza Bench

Traditionally, seiza is one of the Japanese formal ways of sitting. It is often used in martial arts and is performed with mindfulness in both martial arts and other formal Japanese settings. In yoga, seiza is called thunderbolt pose in English, or vajrasana in Sanskrit. The pose is often used as a resting posture for a meditative practice; although, when performed with the toes flexed and tucked under the feet, it offers a significant stretch to the feet and legs.

Seiza encourages tranquility by clearing the mind and entering into a state of rest, which is why it is often used as a meditative pose or for pranayama and/or sadhana practice. A seiza bench can assist yogis in entering into a state of rest and meditation for longer periods of time by minimizing discomfort. Outside of a yoga spiritual practice, this asana is also used by other religions as a prayerful pose.

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