Paramartha Satya

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Paramartha Satya Mean?

Paramartha satya is a Sanskrit term that can be taken to mean “ultimate truth”. It is a particularly important concept in the Buddhist doctrine of the two truths, which differentiates between the ultimate truth of paramartha satya and the more conventional or provisional truth of samvrti satya.

The words come from the Sanskrit satya, which is usually translated as “truth,” but can also mean “a reality” and param, which means “the highest” or “the ultimate.”


Yogapedia Explains Paramartha Satya

According to Buddhist doctrine, paramartha satya refers to the ultimate reality of the universe as sunyata, which is something that is devoid of any inherent or tangible characteristics. It differs from samvrti sayta, which describes our daily perception of a concrete, physical world full of observable phenomena.

Some believe that on this plane of existence, there exists only relative truth, and paramartha satya is not relevant. Others consider paramartha satya and samvrti satya to be both true, and consider that reality exists on two levels: the relative level of samvrti satya and the absolute level of paramartha satya. Others still believe that samvrti satya is mere illusion, shielding our perception of the only truth that really exists, paramartha satya.

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paramartha satya

param satya

paramrtha satya

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