Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Param Mean?

Param (or parama) is a Sanskrit word which has its roots in the adjective para, meaning “highest” or “best.” It is generally used in the context of yoga to refer to the Supreme Being or the Divine. Param is seen as being the highest of the highest, a concept of the sublime.

Param can also be used to refer to the ultimate goal in life for yogis – to achieve the highest levels of spiritual perfection and achievement, thus realizing the Divine.


Yogapedia Explains Param

An individual can strive for param through their yogic and spiritual practice. There are many ways in yoga to find param. Putting forth a maximum amount of effort, for example, or achieving the utmost degree of spiritual perfection are both means of attaining parama.

Encompassed in the idea of param is the sense that, in yoga, it is not enough to be satisfied with anything less than the best. It is said that relative goodness can be enjoyed, but only on the way to param. The dedicated practitioner should be content with nothing less than param.

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