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What Does Satya Mean?

Satya is a Sanskrit word that describes a virtue present in many different Indian religions. When translated to English, it means “truth."

Satya is used in a religious context to denote being honest and truthful in actions, speech and thought. This is one of the five yamas, or rules for living in an ethical manner, according to the yogic philosophy outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.

five yamas brahmacharya ahimsa aparigraha asteya


Yogapedia Explains Satya

Satya is considered essential for a balanced and harmonious existence in the universe. When truthfulness is present, the universe operates in the way that it should. Everything in the world depends on satya to function correctly.

Opening one's mind during sessions of yoga is a wonderful way to embrace the eternal wisdom of satya and the power of truthfulness. In spiritual yoga practice, satya is one of the yamas that the practitioner should abide by. In addition to being truthful to the world and to others, a yogi must also be truthful to him/herself. This requires honoring the body and its limitations during physical practice. Practicing yoga may also bring the individual closer to the ultimate Truth.

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