Definition - What does Kamya mean?

Kamya is one of the two forms of bhakti, the second being nishkamya. Bhakti means "devotion to God," and can also be described as the highest level of love toward God. A Sanskrit word, kamya may be translated as "wish." Kamya bhakti refers to devotion with an aim to achieve one's wishes.

Yogapedia explains Kamya

According to the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Hindu text, the bhakti path is superior to knowledge and mysticism. Kamya bhakti is devotion with desire, while nishkamya bhakti is selfless devotion; therefore, the latter is the superior form of bhakti.

Kamya bhakti can co-exist with one's sincere love for God, though the devotee seeks material benefit. Those with kamya bhakti may, over a period of time, travel further on their spiritual path and their bhakti will evolve as nishkamya bhakti.

The Vedas describe kamya karma as one of the four types of karma. Kamya karma refers to the rituals performed to achieve one's desires.

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