Adhyatma Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Adhyatma Yoga Mean?

Adhyatma yoga is a style of yoga that focuses on understanding the true nature of the Self. The name comes from the Sanskrit adhy, meaning “toward” or “about,” and atma, which is the Self. It is sometimes called Yoga of the Self.

Advaita Vedanta is the basis of the philosophy of Adhyatma yoga. It is a non-dual system that believes that the true Self or atman is one with Brahman, or the highest Reality. Spiritual liberation is achieved by attaining knowledge of this union.


Yogapedia Explains Adhyatma Yoga

The mind prevents the yogi from seeing the reality of the universe, and the ego maintains the separateness of the individual. By quieting and controlling the mind and overcoming the ego, the yogi is able to attain enlightenment on Earth by understanding that the true Self is Reality.

There are three main yogic paths to this spiritual liberation, and Adhyatma yoga utilizes all of them – knowledge (jnana), devotion (bhakti) and action (karma). Meditation, acts of service, study of the scriptures and philosophy, and acts of devotion are all methods used.

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