Sat Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Sat Yoga Mean?

Sat yoga is an approach to yoga as practiced at the Sat Yoga Institute and Sat Yoga Ashram in Costa Rica. Based on many forms of yoga, Sat yoga is the inspiration of yogi and spiritual leader, Shunyamurti, who founded the institute in 2002.

Sat yoga draws from many different forms yoga with an emphasis on meditation, self-inquiry and self-discovery. It incorporates both Eastern and Western ideas on non-duality and focuses on ego deconstruction. The insights and knowledge gained provide a path to liberation from maya, a Sanskrit term typically translated as illusion, but which Sat yoga associates with egocentricity.


Yogapedia Explains Sat Yoga

In Sat yoga, each yogi is encouraged to use critical reasoning and their own “heart-centric intelligence” in their spiritual journey. Techniques used include the arts (music, painting, drama), group encounters, free association, dream interpretation and even shaktipat, which is the transfer of spiritual energy from guru to student.

Sat Yoga Institute now encompasses the wisdom school with the ashram, offering retreats, educational programs and long-term immersion programs of up to three months of service, study, healing, transformation and spiritual growth.

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