Sat Yoga Institute

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Sat Yoga Institute Mean?

Sat Yoga Institute is a wisdom school located in Costa Rica that was founded in 2002 by Shunyamurti, who serves as the institute's guru and spiritual leader. Since it was established, Sat Yoga Institute has expanded to include an ashram and retreat center.

The institute's curriculum encompasses new teachings and traditional philosophy, as well as both Western and Eastern thought, psychology, mystical texts and transpersonal writings. Yogis explore the metaphysical significance of the sciences and the effect on their spiritual journey. Both online and on-site programs are available.


Yogapedia Explains Sat Yoga Institute

At the ashram, Sat Yoga Institute offers retreats of short duration (weekend, three-day and seven-day) and longer duration immersion programs (up to three months) that offer an opportunity for service as well as learning, healing and spiritual transformation.

Sat yoga derives from various yoga types and schools, but the main focus is on self-inquiry and self-discovery through meditation. Other vehicles of exploration include the arts, such as writing, painting, dance, theater and even the culinary arts; as well as group encounters; dream interpretation; and free association.

Another component of Sat Yoga Institute is a farm and village designed for off-the-grid living that, in addition to being a peaceful location, offers a refuge in preparation for worldwide economic, environmental and political destabilization.

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