Sat Yoga Ashram

Definition - What does Sat Yoga Ashram mean?
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The Sat Yoga Ashram is a yoga retreat in Costa Rica run by the Sat Yoga Institute. It is described as being a yogic monastery, a spiritual think tank and a healing center.

The retreat is located on 108 hectares of cloud forest terrain in the south of Costa Rica. The founder of the center is Shunyamurti, who is also the yogic research director and dharma teacher.

Yogapedia explains Sat Yoga Ashram

The Sat Yoga Ashram offers a blend of yogic and philosophical teachings from the East and the West. It has a residential community of about 30 people. The ashram was founded in 2009 and its stated goal is to help transform human consciousness in preparation for the coming era of enlightenment.

The name, Sat, comes from the sacred hill in India where the ashram's patron sage, Sir Ramana Maharshi, lived.

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