What are the health benefits of chanting OM?

By Devakar Sandhu | Published: May 28, 2018

The first health benefit of chanting Om, or Aum, is stress alleviation, which naturally improves one's mood. A lot of studies claim that chanting Om can lower the levels of adrenaline in the body. This is in part because chanting Om takes you to a different world, where all you feel is calm.

People with a stressful life and/or profession, should chant Om first thing in the morning. This will boost the endorphin levels and, as a result, will leave them feeling refreshed and relaxed for a long time after.

Om also works wonders for people who have their hormones out of balance. So, you can bid adieu to mood swings once and for all with the regular practice of Om chanting!

The second health benefit is a boost in concentration. The chanting of Om takes you away from bothersome thoughts. As a result, your concentration and focus improve over time.

Thirdly, it is good for your spine. The “A” vibration of Aum has a positive impact on the spinal cord. So, when you chant Om regularly, your spinal cord becomes stronger.

Fourthly, your body receives a detox. With meditation, your body’s blood circulation improves, which ensures a better supply of oxygen to it.

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A fifth health benefit to chanting Om is that it improves your heart health. Your blood pressure is brought back on track with the chanting of Om as it increases the blood flow to different parts of the body. Also, with less tension and worries, your heart rate gets normalized. This helps keep you away from heart health issues.

The sixth benefit is better sleep. The chanting of Om causes all your worries and tensions to take a back seat, which, in turn, allows you to feel at ease. This practice also offers immense peace of mind. With a peaceful mind, you never suffer from a bad sleep cycle.

Finally, with continual chanting of Om, you get better control of yourself. A troubled life can make things unpleasant for anyone. Tension, frustration and anxiety make us restless, handling life's challenges too aggressively. With the chanting of Om, your mind will feel at ease. Besides, you will feel stronger inside. And you will have better control of your feelings, emotions and body overall.

So, now that you know how important the chanting of the Om syllable is, there is no reason why you wouldn’t include it in your day-to-day doings. Remember, with peace in and around you, you can always lead a better life!

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Written by Devakar Sandhu

Devakar Sandhu

Devakar Sandhu is a yoga expert with profound knowledge in this field. He is also owner of Ekam Yogashala (RYS 200 Yoga School Rishikesh). Ekam Yogashala offers 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in India and Nepal.

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