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What Does Svarga Mean?

Svarga is a Sanskrit word that means “heaven” or “paradise.” In Hinduism, it is also known as “Indra’s abode,” referring to the lord of heaven. svarga is a temporary home for the souls of the righteous who have not yet achieved the state of moksha, or freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth when the soul becomes one with the Divine.

In svarga, the souls live in paradise awaiting their next reincarnation. Svarga can refer to heaven in general or as just one of seven lokas, or heavenly realms, the highest of which is called Satya Loka or Brahma Loka.


Yogapedia Explains Svarga

The concept of svarga has evolved. In early Vedic traditions, svarga was a realm of immortality beyond the sky that was the abode of those who had properly performed their religious duties during life. Beginning with the Hindu texts the “Ramayana” and the “Mahabharata,” svarga became the home of Indra, a paradise where all desires are met. Later, svarga came to be understood as a sort of way station for transitory souls awaiting reincarnation.

A yoga pose that honors svarga is a standing posture called svarga dvijasana, or bird of paradise pose. One leg is lifted and the corresponding arm wraps underneath it and around the back, grasping the hand of the opposite arm, which also has wrapped around the back. In a variation, parivrtta svarga dvijasana (revolved bird of paradise pose), the upper body twists to the direction of the lifted leg and the opposite arm wraps under the leg and around the back.

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Indra's abode

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