Indra Loka

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Indra Loka Mean?

Indra loka is a term that describes the heaven of the gods in some traditions of Hinduism. Indra is described in the Vedas as the king of gods and of the heavens, as well as the god of lightning and thunderstorms. Loka is a Sanskrit word that means “world”; so, Indra loka would literally mean “world of Indra.”

In Hinduism, the universe is divided into three main lokas: heaven, the world and the underworld. But each of these lokas are divided into more lokas. Lokas may also be associated with deities, as with Indra loka.


Yogapedia Explains Indra Loka

Indra loka, or Indra's heaven, is also known as Svarga, where righteous souls who are not ready for moksha (liberation from the cycle of rebirth) live. It is said to be located on and above the sacred Mt. Meru, the center of the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes.

Indra loka is included when eight lokas are recognized, as is the case in two of Hinduism's schools of Hindu philosophy, Vedanta and Sankhya. In addition to Indra loka, the eight worlds (named after the beings that live there) include:

  • Brahma loka
  • Pitra loka
  • Soma loka
  • Gandharra loka
  • Rakshasa loka
  • Yaksha loka
  • Pishacha loka

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