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What Does Healing Mean?

Yoga is not just a practice that promotes flexibility and strength, but a way to maintain optimum health, both physical and mentally. Yoga helps to balance the body and mind, promoting healing on both levels.

Asana practice offers a wide range of benefits, including helping with the prevention of illness. Every pose has its own specific way to aid in strengthening various organs of the body. For example, poses such as bridge pose, plow pose and fish pose help boost immunity, making the prevention of seasonal colds easier. Child pose and downward-facing dog pose help alleviate stress and depression.

In Ayurveda, rasayana refers to both the science of promoting longevity and the herbal remedies used to maintain optimal health as well as to reverse the effects of aging. Ayurveda and rasayana go hand-in-hand with yoga to maintain physical, mental and spiritual health.


Yogapedia Explains Healing

Yoga practice also activates the chakras. This balancing of the body helps support physical and mental health.

Yogic breathing techniques, or pranayama, are effective in promoting brain function and soothing the mind.

Mudras, or yogic gestures, are performed usually with the hands and promote the flow of prana in the body. This helps maintain a balanced state of body and mind. Examples of mudras that promote healing include gyan mudra, prana mudra, apaan mudra and vayu mudra.

As part of a yoga practice, meditation is one of the best ways to heal the mind. It relieves stress, promotes calm, boosts mental clarity and improves focus. Meditation is also often recommended in the healing process of various physical health conditions.

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