Face Yoga Method

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Face Yoga Method Mean?

Face Yoga Method is a type of yoga designed to improve the appearance of the face. It uses yoga techniques to minimize wrinkles and sagging skin and brighten the face, fighting off signs of aging. Stretching, muscle exercises and visualization are some of the yoga approaches used.

After a car accident that altered and aged her face, Fumiko Takatsu created the Face Yoga Method (introduced in her native Japan) and has since expanded worldwide, training other yoga teachers in her method, writing books, producing DVDs, appearing on television shows and enlarging her Internet presence.


Yogapedia Explains Face Yoga Method

The Face Yoga Method works by targeting several sub-layers of the epidermis, or outer layer of the skin. It is believed that the Face Yoga Method exercises:

  • Increase oxygen to the skin
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Stimulate the production of elastin and collagen
  • Reduce tension in the facial muscles

It’s recommended that the exercises be practiced six times a week for 20 minutes a day for best results.

One exercise to reduce smile lines and sagging skin involves lifting the sides of the face by placing the hands at the temples and pushing up, then opening the mouth in an “O” shape.

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