Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend Mean?

Wide angle seated forward bend is, as the name suggests, a seated bending yoga posture that improves flexibility and calms the nervous system. It is one of the basic poses common to the various styles of yoga. In this posture, the legs are spread wide from a seated position and the upper body folds forward.

This pose serves the body well as an opener for the hips, while stretching the hamstrings, calves, shoulders and spine.

Wide angle seated forward bend is also called seated wide angle pose and may also be referred to by its Sanskrit name, upavistha konasana.

Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend


Yogapedia Explains Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend

Some of the benefits of wide angle seated forward bend include:

  • Improved digestion from the stimulation of the abdominal organs
  • Relief from fatigue and stress
  • Improved flexibility in the legs, shoulders, neck, arms and spine
  • Increased energy

It is also believed to provide relief for those suffering from sciatica and arthritis, and may benefit pregnant or menstruating women. Anyone with back, leg, arm or shoulder injuries should avoid this pose.

Beginners, or those with limited flexibility, may sit on a pillow or folded blanket to raise the buttocks. Another variation is to support the forehead with a stack of blankets or the seat of a chair during the forward bend.

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Seated Wide Angle Pose

Wide Seated Forward Bend Pose

Seated Angle Pose

Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend

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