Definition - What does Marmani mean?

Marmani is a Sanskrit term, plural of Marma; a set of energy points found on the surface of the body. Marmani are connected to deeper, subtle pathways within the body known as nadis. In Ayurveda, marmani are used as both a diagnostic and therapeutic tool for determining treatment.

Marmani points are vital for health and wellbeing, as they contain prana (vital life force energy). According to Ayurvedic texts the human body has between 108 and 117 marmani points.

Yogapedia explains Marmani

Marmani are the points at which two or more types of tissue meet, such as muscle, bones, ligaments, tendons or veins. In Sanskrit, marma means 'secret' or 'hidden'. Although these energy points can be found on the surface of the body, they are 'hidden' beneath a layer of skin or flesh.

According to Ayurveda, ill-health, disease or imbalance may result from blocked marmani points, as this prevents the free-flow of prana. Each individual marma point is associated with a specific organ or emotion, and so restoring a healthy flow of energy within this channel is the basis of restoring good health.

Marmani therapy involves stimulating these points via massage in clockwise and counter-clockwise movements. Marmani points may also be stimulated through yoga asana. Stimulation of these points can have a transformative effect on the energy of both body and mind.

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