Definition - What does Avicii mean?

Avicii is a Sanskrit word that means “waveless.” It also translates as one of the regions of the hell-like realm of Naraka in some Hindu and Buddhist traditions. This region of “hell,” though, differs from the Christian concept of hell.

Avicii is the lowest level of Naraka. Like the Christian hell, it is a place of suffering where people who have committed misdeeds are sent after death. In Buddhist philosophy, though, Avicii is not the person's home for eternity. Instead, the person is believed to be reborn in Avicii to work off the bad karma accumulated.

Yogapedia explains Avicii

The inhabitants of the subterranean world of Avicii suffer from the intense heat and burning oven fires. Those reborn in Avicii are said to have committed one of these grave offenses:

  • Murdering one or both parents;
  • Murdering an arhat, or perfected person who has attained nirvana;
  • Shedding a buddha's blood; or
  • Creating a division within a Buddha religious community known as a sangha.

The length of time that it takes an inhabitant of Avicii to work off his/her karma is described more than a thousand years to eons (kalpas). In any case, the time of suffering in Avici is longer than any of the other levels of Naraka.

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