Udana Mudra

Last Updated: June 12, 2018

Definition - What does Udana Mudra mean?

Udana mudra is a yogic hand gesture that is believed to promote the flow of energy in the throat region. The name comes from the Sanskrit, udana, meaning “joy” or “breathing upward”; and mudra, which means “gesture” or “seal.”

There are several similar hand positions that form udana mudra:

  • The thumb and forefinger lightly touch, then the middle finger rests on the nail of the forefinger with the ring and little fingers extended.
  • The thumb rests at the base of the little finger, then all four fingers wrap around the thumb.
  • The little finger extends while the other three fingers touch the tip of the thumb.
  • All four fingers touch the tip of the thumb.

Udana Mudra

Yogapedia explains Udana Mudra

Udana mudra is one of the hand gestures in yoga that is thought to affect the five segments (vayus) of prana, or life force energy, that circulates throughout the body. Because it affects the energy of the throat region, udana mudra promotes spiritual growth and self-expression.

Udana mudra is used during yogic meditation.

The other prana vayu mudras are:

  • Prana mudra – activates energy in the head
  • Apana mudra – energizes the pelvic and lower abdominal regions
  • Vyana mudra – affects the heart and lungs
  • Samana mudra – influences the energy in the navel and abdominal regions
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