8 Essential Oil Diffusers to Help You Chill Out This Summer

By Rebecca Koehn
Published: June 26, 2019 | Last updated: May 20, 2020

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Looking for a new diffuser? We’ve got you covered. Check out these 8 awesome diffusers that can help you soak up all the benefits of aromatherapy.

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It's a bit of an understatement to say that essential oil diffusers have been "all the rage" lately. Diffusers are everywhere.


You can find them on your coworkers' desks, your friends' bathrooms, hotel rooms, coffee shops, and, of course, yoga studios.

However, the hype around essential oil diffusers isn't all hype. Studies and doctors have supported that aromatherapy can help reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, headaches and muscle aches. (Learn more in 13 Most Commonly Used Essential Oils and How to Use Them.)


One of the best things about diffusers is that they aren't just for one ailment. Feeling stressed? There's an oil for that! Anxious? There's one for that! Suffering from insomnia? There are oils for that too!

There are essential oils for almost everything.

Now that we've got you all jazzed about the potential benefits of essential oil diffusers, let's take a look at some of the best diffusers on the market right now.


GAIAM Relax Aromatherapy Diffuser

The Classic

If you're looking for a classical diffuser, this is your one. This Gaiam diffuser is perfect for home or office use. All you need is a plug-in and some essential oils and you're good to go. The major benefit of this diffuser is that it's very quiet and super easy to clean.

This one also has you covered for more than five hours of aromatherapy. Small and classy, this little diffuser gets the job done.

$49.98 from Gaiam

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Ultrasonic Beauty

We can almost guarantee that you've seen photos of this diffuser before. The Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is one of the top diffusers on the market right now. This beautiful diffuser has a porcelain stone cover, which comes in various matte finishes, all of which are inspired by nature.

Besides its obvious eye-appeal, this diffuser is also ultrasonic, releasing about 2.5 vibrations per second, giving it a non-stop run time of three hours.

$119.00 from Sephora

Dream Essential Oil Diffuser

A Flower of Fragrance

This nifty little diffuser is great at creating a calming ambience. Made of porcelain in the shape of either an African Daisy or a Moroccan Peony, these little beauties will help bring calming floral aromas to your home or office.

If you're looking for a diffuser that will also look incredible on your coffee table or desk, then this maybe the one for you.

$78.00 from Anthropologie

Edens Garden Aromaride Essential Oil Car Diffuser

For Bliss on the Go

Believe it or not, diffusers for your car exist! And really, who doesn't need one of these? Combat the stress of rush hour and leave your car smelling of lavender and sage? Yes, please!

Edens Garden's car diffuser clips right on to one of your car's air vents, providing you an aromatherapy on the go.

$14.95 from Amazon

CAMPO Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

For Preserved Properties

The reason why ultrasonic essential diffusers are so awesome is that they require no burning or heating. This means that the natural properties of the essential oil being diffused into your environment are preserved, so you don't lose any of the benefits of the oil itself!

We love the sleek, modern beauty of this CAMPO diffuser, which can also be used with any of CAMPO's many essential oils or essential oil blends.

$97.00 from Revolve

June & May Diffuser With Built-In Speaker

A 3-in-1 Diffuser

If you're looking for a diffuser that is more than just a one trick pony, look no further. This June & May diffuser is also a clock and a bluetooth speaker! Did we mention that it also has a color-changing LEDs? Because it does. We can't think of a better bedside table diffuser.

This little machine is great at creating a calming ambience, something we could all use a little bit more of.

$60.00 from Anthropologie

EKOBO ONA Aromatherapy Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

For Calming Large Spaces

The thing about some diffusers is that they're great for small spaces, but if you stick them in a living room or a conference room, you generally won't be able to fill the whole room. This EKOBO diffuser is designed to diffuse in spaces up to 1,000 square feet.

As if that wasn't great enough, this diffuser is also made from eco-friendly bamboo fibre, wood and glass. Eco-friendly and powerful aromatherapy? Say no more.

$88.00 from Anthropologie

3D LED Gala Essential Oil Diffuser

A Party of a Diffuser

If more run-of-the-mill diffusers aren't your type, then you should definitely consider this one. This crystal ball inspired diffuser also comes with holographic LED light affects!

With ultrasonic diffusion and over 14 colours and 3D effects for you to choose from, this diffuser is definitely unique. I mean, who doesn't want a diffuser that can also create a party atmosphere?

$65.00 from Urban Outfitters

We hope this list helps you decide which type of diffuser is best for you (and may you think of us the first time you start your new diffuser up and get that instant hit of relaxation).

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Written by Rebecca Koehn

Rebecca Koehn

Rebecca is the Editor of Yogapedia. She has been an avid yogi and mindfulness practitioner for the past ten years.

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