Best Sites for Online Yoga Classes to Deepen Your Practice

By Aimee Hughes
Published: May 2, 2019 | Last updated: July 10, 2019
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Looking to get into online yoga classes? Here’s a list of some of the best subscriptions and classes available to you in the comfort of your own home!

Are you ready to take your home yoga practice to the next level? If so, you’ll want to find the best sites for unlimited yoga classes online. There’s nothing like practicing yoga from the comfort of your own home. I speak from experience. I take online yoga classes and practice at home nearly every morning. If my schedule changes, all I have to do is log on to whatever site I’m subscribed to, and take a class that suits my needs for that particular day. (Learn more in How to Get Into Yoga.)


Sometimes, I have to squeeze in a 20-minute practice or two in between writing assignments. Other days I make sure I have an hour window in my day dedicated to yoga. The beauty of online classes is their flexibility to fit into your schedule, as well as the sheer variety of classes currently available. What’s more, you get to learn from some of the most esteemed teachers in the yoga world!

Let’s take a look at the best sites for unlimited yoga classes online so that you can sign up and advance your home practice ASAP!




Grokker is an draftl site if you’re looking for more than yoga. It has loads of workout videos in a range of different levels and styles. Grokker offers a 2-week free trial. Beyond that, unlimited classes will cost you $14.99 per month.


From meditation instruction by Davidji, to fitness classes with John Godfrey, this site checks all the boxes for a well-rounded practice. There’s plenty of yoga and even cooking classes from instructors like San Francisco chef Jennifer Cho! What more could one ask for?!


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Beginner Yoga Classes


This online yoga site, brought to you by the brand Alo Yoga, is perfect for all beginning yogis. A 14-day free trial gives you the opportunity to decide whether this site is a good fit before committing to the $20 per month fee.

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Once you do commit, you’ll have access to thousands of yoga classes that run the gamut of styles. Choose from hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, yin, restorative, yogafusion, prenatal, and even pilates and barre workouts. This site even has a wellness portal that includes nutrition classes, plant-based cooking, and Danielle La Porte’s Desire Map. You’ll never get bored with the thousands of classes on tap here.

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Yoga International


If you’re interested in yoga therapy, yoga anatomy, and yoga philosophy, this might be your site. Yoga International offers a 14-day free-trial which then turns into a $14.99 fee per month after the trial ends.

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Once you’re in, you’ve got access to classes from 500+ experts, in beginning yoga, yoga therapy, anatomy, philosophy, hatha, kundalini, vinyasa, yin, restorative, and more. This site boasts some of the most esteemed teachers in the Western yoga world— Sianna Sherman, Gary Kraftsow, Cyndi Lee, Rod Stryker, Shiva Rea, and Gloria Latham, to name a few.

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Yoga Vibes


For $19.95 a month, Yoga Vibes is another great site for the beginning yogi. Here you’ll find 2,000+ classes in yoga, meditation and barre. Some of the most beloved teachers on this site include: Ana Forrest, Ashley Turner, Annie Carpenter, Kia Miller, Kathryn Budig, Kino MacGregor, Sadie Nardini, and Rolf Gates. (Learn more about Miller, Budig, and MacGregor in 7 Inspirational Women of Yoga.)


Classes and styles run the gamut on Yoga Vibes, so much so, you’ll never get bored! The annual subscription costs $199.95, but included is a free Jade yoga mat. If the draft of monthly auto-pay turns you off—which is typically the way of subscription yoga sites—this one offers a la carte, pay as you go options that allow you to buy one video or a set of videos for a fixed price of $4.99 or $9.99.

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My Yoga Works


My Yoga Works comes from the famed Los Angeles-based yoga studio by the same name. Here you’ll find 1,200+ premium classes, ranging from 2 minute asana tutorials to 90-minute vinyasa flows. You’ll also find classes for all levels.


If you’re a beginner, this site is draftl. If you’re advanced, the same applies. Plus, all classes are taught by 40+ certified Yoga Works teachers, so you know you’re in good hands. Your first 14 days are free. Beyond that, the monthly subscription fee is $15 per month.

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Yoga on Gaia


I was a member of this site for years. It has one of the most comprehensive yoga programs available online. It’s also has one of the least expensive monthly fees. More than 8,000 videos are found on this site, and they range from all styles of yoga, to healthy cooking, to consciousness-expanding videos and documentaries on transformational topics like manifestation, yoga philosophy, and "A Course in Miracles."

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If you’re looking to expand your mind and evolve spiritually from the comfort of your own home, this might be your draftl yoga site. Three different payment plans give you options. Pay 99 cents for two weeks, then $11.99 per month, $29 for 3-months, or $99 for a full year. This last option gives you a 31% discount and is well worth it.

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I hope this article inspires you to explore these online yoga sites. A subscription that doesn’t break the bank will keep you accountable to your daily sadhana, and your personal at-home practice.

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Written by Aimee Hughes

Aimee Hughes

Aimee is a yogi and writer who's been practicing yoga daily for more than 21 years. Since a journey to India when she was 20, the practice has been her constant companion. She loves exploring the vast and seemingly endless worlds of yoga. Aimee has also written a book titled, "The Sexy Vegan Kitchen: Culinary Adventures in Love & Sex." You can find her at her new site:

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